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Hurricane Mills, TN – Sept. 13, 2014 – Since he was very young, Ray Ainsworth has been studying the language of horses. His ability to communicate with troubled or difficult horses through natural horsemanship has transformed countless horses, and most recently, it took him on the road to Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN.

While at the ranch, Ainsworth hosted a trail ride specifically for troubled horses and their owners, seeking advice from ‘the man horses talk to’ – a tagline adopted thanks to Ainsworth’s ability to listen to horses and teach owners and riders to communicate with them more effectively.

Ainsworth put these abilities to practice while at the Loretta Lynn Ranch trail ride session. Horse owners took a beautiful ride around the “The 7th Largest Attraction in Tennessee” where multiple gold album country singer Loretta Lynn lived and raised her children. The trail ride was a wonderful opportunity for distressed owners to ask Ainsworth questions about his communication techniques, as well as have him work with their horses.

ray ainsworth with horse loretta lynn ranch

Ray Ainsworth works with a horse at Loretta Lynn Ranch

Brian Stanford brought his wife’s black and white Paint Quarter Horse, Rico Star, to the trail ride because his wife was having trouble with Rico Star being spooky on the trails.

“We brought the horse over to Ray and he did some basic ground work and within an hour he was a totally different horse,” said Stanford. “He was in an open field, just put a halter and a lead rope on him and got him to lunge a little bit. First at a slow walk and then sped him up to a trot. Then, whenever he would try to slow back down to a walk, Ray would get his attention and make sure the horse stayed in the gait that he wanted him to stay in. He didn’t let the horse make the decision when to change gaits.”

This exemplifies the relaxed and respectful method that Ainsworth uses to connect with horses, and Stanford saw long-lasting results from Ainsworth working with Rico Star just one time.

“Since we have returned home, we have worked with the horse at least every other afternoon doing the same basic things that Ray showed us how to do, and he continues to make improvements,” said Stanford.

Stanford continued, “Our experience with Ray has been fantastic. We’ve been around a lot of trainers; we’ve had our horses sent to trainers, and Ray made more improvement in her horse in an hour than another trainer did in 30 days.”

Janet Pfesiter also saw enduring results in her Tennessee Walking Horse, Janey, after just one teaching session with Ainsworth. “As I was leading her, she would try to lead me even though I would put a chain lead shank over her nose. I had control, but it was hard. She would try to walk too fast and not listen to me. She would do what I wanted her to do, but not in a comfortable way for me,” explained Pfesiter.

To Pfesiter’s delight, Ainsworth volunteered to take Janey to the round pen and work her himself. “He got her attention and made her listen to him. He was very kind and gentle. I really admire him,” said Pfesiter.

In addition to Janey’s issue of being led, Pfesiter also struggled to load her horse. “She knew how to load, but she had been doing this with me for some time. It was aggravating. I hate to have someone else help me when I know I can do it, and I know she knows how to do it. I can’t believe how lucky I was that he was there and that he volunteered to help me and did a beautiful job. She just respected him, and she respects me now and does what I ask and listens,” explained Pfesiter.

Wendy Hejab was extremely impressed with Ray Ainsworth’s ability to work with her horse, Rocky,
and to teach her to do the same. Click above to watch her video!

Wendy Hejab was also impressed with Ainsworth’s ability to connect with her horse, Rocky, while at the Loretta Lynn Ranch. “It was just amazing watching him and seeing how the horse would put his attention on him and what he was doing. For me personally, he actually had my horse following me within five to 10 minutes,” said Hejab.

“Ray showed me that there was a lack of respect on the horse’s side because he would walk in front of me. He wasn’t pulling on me or anything, but Rocky was putting himself before me on the chain of command. So we corrected that, and it was corrected within the first few minutes,” continued Hejab.

Once again, Ainsworth displayed his ability to read and correct a horse in an unbelievably short period of time, something he is known for.

Hejab not only noticed a change in Rocky while being worked, but also in his general ground manners, such as during feeding time. Rocky would wait patiently at the back of his stall while Hejab hung his hay and scooped his grain.

“I immediately saw improvement in Rocky after working with Ray. We remained at Loretta Lynn for a week, and he was totally different,” said Hejab. “As a trainer, he’s fantastic and personally, as a man, he is wonderful. We had a great time.”

ray ainsworth wendy hejab trail ride

Wendy Hejab and Rocky on the trail at Loretta Lynn Ranch

Ainsworth’s time spent at the Loretta Lynn Ranch was extremely valuable for all parties: the horses, the owners and even Ainsworth himself. “I’m not here to show you what I can do. I’m here to show you what I can teach you and your horse to do and to keep doing,” said Ainsworth. According to both Ainsworth and his many fans, his mission at the Loretta Lynn Ranch was a huge success.

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