Trey and Phoenix – Success Story

[I came to Ray’s clinic] with a yearling stud colt that I just purchased. He had nothing done with him. He has loaded in the trailer, and you can walk him around and pick up his feet, but that was it. And I also had a 4-year-old mare named Phoenix. Every time I was riding, I would get her up to a trot, and she would kick-out. So that was her problem.

Trey Dooley at the Ray Ainsworth Clinic in Morton, Illinois

Trey Dooley at the Ray Ainsworth Clinic in Morton, Illinois

Ray did his groundwork and really showed a lot about how he worked with the horse. He asked me two questions, and that was it. He says, ‘Let the horse tell the rest.’ He actually got up on that 4-year-old and made her trot. She never kicked out. She never did anything, and she went perfectly fine the next day. Ray had a very good connection with Phoenix. He worked with her like he had been working her since she was born.

That was two weeks ago. When I brought her back home that next day I went to do the groundwork with her, started to do all that just like he showed and taught me. I saddled up, and I got up on her and like I said, I did everything he showed me, got her into a trot. She never kicked out.

I had great results with Ray. Anybody who has had problems, I’ve just been saying this is what Ray showed me and had me try, and if it doesn’t work, here’s his number. I’ve been trying to recommend him to a lot of people. He was amazing. It’s really interesting to watch him work with the horses. I’ve owned Phoenix for five months and could never figure out what was going wrong. In 30 minutes Ray figured it out! That was amazing to me.

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