Success Stories

Kris and Boon Ocean Blue

kris-boon-ocean-blue-03I wish to take a moment to express sincere appreciation for asking Ray Ainsworth to be a clinician at the 2015 Midwest Horse Fair (MWHF) held April 17-18-19 in Madison WI. This was the first time I met Ray. Both my husband and I were genuinely amazed and impressed with his keen eye and perceptive ability to quickly read, assess, diagnose and resolve issues in both horse and owner with resistance-free techniques. Seeking help with starting a 23 month old American Quarter Horse filly, I watched his first colt starting session on Friday and was amazed in what he could accomplish in short order. He’s the real deal. His ‘down home’ innate ability to inspire the owner, listen to each horse and share his knowledge with the audience in easy to follow and remember ‘You can too’ steps is ama-ZING!

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Jordan and Twist

IMG_2567My barrel horse, Twist, was not acting right. So much so, that it got to the point that it was actually extremely dangerous. People were even offering us money not to bring her to run!

I had lost a lot of confidence in her, and I was just about to get a young horse to start instead. There was a friend of ours that had sent a horse to Ray and said, ‘you should just give him a shot.’

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Becky, Mustang Sally and Ruby

becky and mustang sallyWhen Becky Shady and her grandfather pulled up at Blain’s Farm and Fleet in Dubuque, Iowa, they had on their trailer three young horses that had never so much as been touched. Within two hours, Ray had not only been able to place his hands on “Mustang Sally,” the first of the young horses, he had haltered her, saddled her, dewormed her, taught her how to load in and out of the trailer and sat on her back for the very first time.

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Karen and Stargazer

Karen and her horse after working with Ray AinsworthWhat had developed over the course of four years in Stargazer, Ray took only a couple of hours to address. He had Stargazer saddled, ridden, clipped and bathed all within less than two hours. No one could get a saddle on him before Ray got there.

Ray came back a few years later right here on our new farm, and Stargazer repeated everything that Ray did. I don’t have any issues with cowkicking or biting or aggressiveness. I’ve met a lot of clinicians, but Ray has surpassed all of them.

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Trey and Phoenix

I’ve owned Phoenix for five months and could never figure out what was going wrong.Trey Dooley at the Ray Ainsworth Clinic in Morton, Illinois Every time I was riding, I would get her up to a trot, and she would kick-out. So that was her problem.

In 30 minutes, Ray figured it out! That was amazing to me.

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Tina and Dakota

Ray’s a very personable man. I like his gentle approach. He’s very informative and explained every step of what he was doing, which I think is great. When you’re training people you need to explain why you’re doing it, not just do it. He really recognized that every horse has a different personality, which I appreciated as well. A lot of trainers, or folks, just go in.

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Connie and Ebony

One thing Ray did, he took the time with me to explain how all the groundwork I’ve been doing with Ebony would transfer to in the saddle. That’s always been a puzzle for me. So that was very useful. He gave me so many tips. Probably the most useful thing with me is my mindset and body posture when dealing with these on various issues. I appreciated his time a lot. He was enjoyable.

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Cathy, K.C. and Dreamer

I was really amazed. Some people said the horses there had been worked with before. I said, ‘You can tell the story however you want, but this was my horse. I know for a fact Ray never saw that horse before a day in his life.’

Ray told me my horse was going to be a fun horse. I told him it doesn’t buck or do anything, but I told him in all honesty that we were going to sell this horse because my daughter wouldn’t mess with it because the horse scared her. I was going to sell the horse for half of what I paid for it. I was going to take a big hit on the horse because we were going to buy her a different one since she was shaken up. We’re not selling the horse now.

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Melanie and Cutter

Meeting Ray Ainsworth was the best thing that could have ever happen to my horse and me. Cutter and I have a relationship now that is ruled by patience, trust and happiness. And what is great about this is that anyone can learn to do it. I just make sure that I am always, as Ray says, firm, fair, consistent and concise. As long as I continue on with what I have learned, I know that I will always have a great, trusting relationship with my horse. That is one of the greatest feelings a horseman/horsewoman could ever have.

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Pete and the mule

Ray doesn’t like to call it training the horse. He teaches the horse. It was amazing what he was able to do to for my mule.

I don’t know how he understands the horses the way that he does. If people want to start a horse out right and have a lot less trouble with their horse, then Ray’s the way to go. He’s amazing what he does with horses. How he does it, I don’t know. If you ever get a chance to meet him or work with him, you ought to go do it.

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