Pete and the mule – Success Story

I bought this young mule when he was 3-years-old. He was nervous, standoffish, you couldn’t do anything with him. I didn’t want to get hurt trying to break him. Ray said, “I can fix that mule for you.” Ray worked with him twice before he got on his back. He knows how far to push the horse and when is enough. He knows not to push him beyond his ability to learn. He had about five or six sessions with my mule, and then we started trail riding with him. Ray doesn’t like to call it training the horse. He teaches the horse.

Ray Ainsworth with Pete and his mule, Jed

Ray Ainsworth with Pete and his mule, Jed

Now, I shoot off of him and hunt off of him! He’s never bucked. Never. I was expecting this mule to really just have a hard time. It was amazing what he was able to do to for my mule.

Pete and Jed

Pete and Jed

I don’t know how he understands the horses the way that he does. If people want to start a horse out right and have a lot less trouble with their horse, then Ray’s the way to go. He’s amazing what he does with horses. How he does it, I don’t know. If you ever get a chance to meet him or work with him, you ought to go do it.

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