Horse with Behavior Issues? Don’t Give Up – Book Your Spot at the Ray Ainsworth Transformation Tour Clinic

Wellington, FL – February 4, 2015 – Whether at your wit’s end with your horse’s behavior and searching for that last resort or looking to fix a minor disobedience, Ray Ainsworth has the answer. On February 28 and March 1, Ainsworth will be addressing both ends of the spectrum in Wellington, Florida as he kicks off his 2015 Transformation Tour.

Just a few spots remain for horses, riders and handlers to participate in the two-day clinic at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. To find out more and to reserve a spot for your horse today, please email or call (561)753-3389.

Wherever Ainsworth travels, his clinics are met with rave reviews from participants. “I had great results with Ray,” said previous clinic participant, Trey Dooley. “He was amazing, and it was really interesting to watch him work with the horses. I’ve owned Phoenix for five months and could never figure out what was going wrong, and in 30 minutes he figured it out. That was amazing to me!”

Don Preston from Behlen Manufacturing has sponsored many Ainsworth clinics and is always amazed at his gift with horses. “I’ve seen a lot of trainers, a lot of clinics and this guy just blew me away,” Preston said. “I have not seen a horse he could not fix. After working with him in 60 clinics or more, I know he’s the real deal.”

Becky Shady watched as Ainsworth worked two of her family’s horses at an Iowa clinic, and she shared that “Ray is unbelievable. He far exceeded my expectations of what I thought we would accomplish today.”

To give Ainsworth a try for yourself and for the betterment of your own horse, plan to attend and contact or call (561)753-3389.

ray ainsworth horse whisperer

Ray Ainsworth works not only with horses but with owners for lasting, positive results

Ainsworth will present two full days of clinics at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Ainsworth is well known for correcting horses with extreme behavior problems and helping them and their owners get on the right track.

While clinic participation spots are limited, more than 100 audit tickets are available for the duration of the weekend. Audit passes are available for sale now simply by emailing or by calling (561)753-3389. Upon ordering, the purchaser will receive a confirmation email and wristbands will be available for pick-up at will call the day of the clinic.

Two-day audit passes are $40 in advance while one-day audit passes are $25 in advance. Act now to take advantage of the discounted pre-event rates.

To find out how to secure a spot for a horse in the clinic please email or call (561)753-3389.

Known as THE MAN HORSES TALK TO™, Ainsworth travels the country offering clinics and helping riders and owners better communicate with their horses. Ainsworth has started as many as 10,000 horses using his stress-free program that teaches horses how to behave with a maximum understanding of what is being asked of them.

Ray Ainsworth Transformation TourFor more information on booking your own clinic or training session with Ainsworth, please contact Emily at:

Ray Ainsworth Transformation Tour – Wellington Fast Facts:

When: February 28 – March 1, 2015

Where: Jim Brandon Equestrian Center
7500 Forest Hill Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33413

Tickets: Two day audit passes: $40 in advance; $45 at the door
One day audit pass: $25 in advance; $30 at the door

Participants: Have a horse with a behavioral concern or a behavior that you would like to correct? Or perhaps a young horse that you would like to start for the first time? Contact or call (561)753-3389 to find out how to participate in the clinic.

Media Contact: Emily Riden
(717)368 – 8102 or (561)753-3389

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