From Untouched to Under Saddle in Two Hours: Ray Ainsworth Works His Magic in Iowa

Dubuque, IA – November 4, 2014 – When Becky Shady’s grandfather, Harry Shady, pulled up at Blain’s Farm and Fleet in Dubuque, Iowa, he had on his stock trailer three horses that had never been touched.

The Shadys had traveled to see Ray Ainsworth and to get a hand from the renowned horseman in starting their nervous and completely unhandled young horses.

As the first of the horses, a mare dubbed “Mustang Sally,” loaded willingly back on the trailer just a few hours after Ainsworth began working with her, she had not only been touched, Ainsworth had haltered, saddled, dewormed her and sat on her back for the very first time.

Watch a short ‘before and after’ clip of Mustang Sally here:

“[Ray] is unbelievable,” Becky said. “He far exceeded my expectations of what I thought we would accomplish today.”

After working with Mustang Sally, Ainsworth repeated much the same groundwork with Ruby, another previously unhandled mare.

becky and mustang sally

Becky Shady and Ruby, a horse that prior to working with Ray had never been handled.

“There are seven horses total, and we’d been taking them buckets of grain. After two months, some of them would get close enough to eat a little bit out of our hands,” Becky said. “The second horse that Ray worked with, Ruby, after two months, she wouldn’t even let you get close enough to eat out of the bucket, let alone your hands.”

Becky continued, “Now, after less than an hour with Ray, to have it to the point where I can touch it is amazing. It’s absolutely incredible. I’m so impressed, and I definitely recommend Ray to other people.”

ray ainsworth shows saddle to mustang for the first time

Ray introduces “Mustang Sally” to a saddle for the very first time.

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