Transformation Clinic – Evansville WI – August 2015

events-rayRegister below to join Ray at Shotliff Farms in Evansville, Wisconsin for his Transformation Clinic.


August 28+29+30, 2015


Shotliff Farms (9402 N Berg Road, Evansville, WI)


Day 1: Establish Respect on the Ground: Ray teaches riders how to gain horse’s attention, improve respect, earn trust, develop lateral flexion and reward softness. Learn how it all relates to ground and saddle manners, speed control and use of body parts.

Day 2: Groundwork ~ Get Ready to Ride: Learn and practice groundwork and riding techniques to move body parts (shoulders, hindquarters, ribs, side pass, etc.), fine tune speed control, and transitions at walk, trot, lope and stop.

Day 3: In the Saddle Maneuvers: Apply previous days groundwork skills to riding in saddle. Learn and practice forward, backup, circles, stop, turn on forehand, turn on haunches, side pass, speed control and transitions.

Note: Three day Colt Starting also available – $250 per horse.

Riding Spots

Limited to 6 min and 10 max
Audit Passes available


Available for purchase
or Travel to Town


Available in Evansville (5 miles away)
Available in Stoughton (10 miles away)
Primitive Camping available (no electricity)

Pricing and Registration

*Pre-register by July 1, 2015 for early bird savings.

*Riding spots are first come, first serve and will be confirmed after payment is received; otherwise you’ll be placed on a waiting list.

Registration is over.

Registration is over.




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