Connie and Ebony – Success Story

Ebony is a Tennessee Walker mare that is blind in one eye, so she has very high flight drive making her difficult to ride at times. So Ray started with the groundwork and getting her attention, working both sides because she basically is two different horses when we visit on one side. He gave me tips on how to proceed with her with the groundwork, with working with a round pen to build her dependency on me. She did respond well to Ray, and I have seen an improvement. I would recommend Ray for this sort of thing.

One thing Ray did, he took the time with me to explain how all the groundwork I’ve been doing with Ebony would transfer to in the saddle. That’s always been a puzzle for me. So that was very useful. He gave me so many tips. Probably the most useful thing with me is my mindset and body posture when dealing with these on various issues. I appreciated his time a lot. He was enjoyable.

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