Behlen Country: Leading Farm Equipment Manufacturer and Supporter of Ray Ainsworth

Jackson, MS – December 16, 2014 – Ray Ainsworth travels the country teaching horses and presenting clinics as one of the nation’s leading horseman, and when he does he is rarely without a Behlen Country round pen and corral panels.

Behlen Country is the nation’s leading manufacturer of farm and ranch equipment, and their sturdy round pens are the ones that Ainsworth trusts most for whatever he might face when starting a colt or working a horse.

Ainsworth has the highest regard for the Behlen Country products, and that high regard and respect is mutual.

Ray Ainsworth Behlen Country

Behlen Country is Ray Ainsworth’s first choice of round pen every time he works a horse.

“About 10 years ago, one of my largest accounts, Blaine’s Farm and Fleet, asked me to bring in a clinician,” said Don Preston, regional sales manager for Behlen Manufacturing. “I was in the feed industry first, so I was one of the first to be involved with equine events like John Lyons or Pat Parelli. I’ve seen them all, been there and done that. I thought this was another horse trainer.”

After watching Ainsworth at that very clinic however, Preston’s pre-conceived notions were erased, and Behlen Country quickly became one of Ainsworth’s biggest advocates.

“I went back and told our people we better saddle up with this guy because this is the best I’ve ever seen,” Preston said. “We told people to bring their troubled horses in. I was amazed at how he was able to fix these horses in the amount of time that he did. He was able to tell you what the horse was going to do before the horse did it, and he has a personality that connects with people.”

Ray Ainsworth and Don Preston of Behlen Manufacturing

Ray Ainsworth and Don Preston of Behlen Manufacturing

Nearly a decade later, Behlen Country continues to sponsor Ainsworth, and Ainsworth remains a strong promoter of all Behlen Country products, ranging beyond round pens and panels to stalls, feeders, waters, kennels and much, much more.

At Behlen Manufacturing, the primary goal is to provide value added customer satisfaction, which is achieved through superior products, quick delivery and the broadest range of products from any farm and ranch equipment manufacturer. To learn more and to browse Behlen Country’s full line-up of products online visit

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