About Ray Ainsworth

about-ray-1Ray does not train horses; he teaches them in a way that makes him one of the world’s most unique horsemen. He has found that through communication and non-violence, horses learn faster and retain the information longer. Ray’s approach is based on the fact that horses have their own language and are capable of communicating a wide variety of messages. All horses know it. So does Ray. And so can you.

From a young age, Ray Ainsworth studied the language of horses. As a winning jockey, trainer and competitor, Ray has developed and fine-tuned a resistance-free technique that he uses in teaching horses and working with behavioral issues of every kind.

Ray travels the world presenting entertaining and informative clinics to horse lovers of all disciplines. Plus, he has a series of comprehensive teaching DVDs. Ray has started as many as 10,000 horses. His stress-free program teaches horses how to behave with a maximum of understanding. He works with all types, breeds of horses – young foals, old mares, abused horses, trailer-shy horses, horses who will not allow their feet and ears to be handled and every horse in between. Ray’s specialty is starting horses the right way and helping address behaviorial concerns. Along the way, owners and riders learn horse language themselves and are able to apply this knowledge to their own dealings with these amazing animals.





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Ray Ainsworth
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