The End of the First Day

May 29, 2015

The first day of any trip has it’s surprises and this trip was no exception. This afternoon Ray’s air conditioner went out.  On a Friday afternoon, he could not find anyone to take a look at it.  Luckily he was told about a man that had a mobile service.

Ray called him and the guy said he could not come to him but if Ray would bring it to him, he would fix it before he quit.  Even after waiting on Ray and finding the problem he did NOT let Ray pay him. Also after all of this, because of the late hour he allowed Ray to stay the night at his place and let Ray turn the horses out in one of his paddocks. We still have some very good people out here.

Ray wants to tell everyone that needs any RV repair to use him.

Tri-county RV services,Inc.
21235 73rd Rd.
O’brien, FL
Phone# 386-935-1256


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