Helping Hands for Horses and Humans "4H" Cross-Country Horseback Ride

Follow Ray’s journey across the United States from Florida to California on horseback, Ray hopes to get enough charitable donations to start Helping Hands for Horse and Humans “4H” Ranch and to also help Childrens Hospitals.

Helping Hands for Horses and Humans “4H” Ranch will be a place where both horses and humans will learn to communicate without fear, anger, or pain.

The End of the First Day

May 29, 2015

The first day of any trip has it’s surprises and this trip was no exception. This afternoon Ray’s air conditioner went out.  On a Friday afternoon, he could not find anyone to take a look at it.  Luckily he was told about a man that had a mobile service.… Read More

The Start of the Long Ride to California

May 29, 2015

Today Ray started his long trail ride journey from Jacksonville Beach, FL to California to raise funds to start the Helping Hands for Humans and Horses “4H” Ranch and to help Childrens Hopitals.

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